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We build branded ticketing

you keep control of your brand, while we are dedicated to increasing your business

reclaim Control of your Cash Flow

eliminate 3rd party control of your funds, receive 24 hour deposits and use your own bank

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Constantly promote your brand, keep buyers inside your domain and up-sell your offerings

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Revenue is not limited to tickets

Merchandise, add-ons, special seating, VIP tent, hospitality, parking options, post sale ticket upgrades and more

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Being Customer-Centric is easy

Make all your customers feel like individuals with our automation intelligence.

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Stop Giving Brokers the Control

Their business model is not aligned with yours. It wasn’t designed that way.

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Unlock & Leverage your data

It’s 2020 there’s a million ways to connect with buyers and help marketing. Let’s put them to work!

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Let’s Talk Options

It’s an exciting business, let’s get your ticketing a big breath of fresh air.

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Marketing and Ticketing Solution

Own the ticket buying experience

Reclaim control of your cash flow

Sell tickets directly to your customers and reclaim control of your cash flow. COVID has underscored how easily your ticketing provider or payment processor can unilaterally freeze or hold your funds. We can easily show you how to remedy this in a very short period of time.

InHouseTicketing puts you in financial control with:

  1. The use of any payment processor you prefer to use
  2. The ability and recommendation to use multiple payment processors
  3. Receive daily deposits of ticket revenue to your business bank

Logical and non binding features that make us attractive and you scaleable

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Become the trusted one-stop-shop

Seamless branded experience

Customers want to buy directly from you, NOT a ticket broker. Every aspect of ticketing we provide is focused on your brand and the value you bring to the attendees. This is not available when using big ticket brokers.

InHouseTicketing is a white label service that promotes your brand by:

  1. Completely branding the ticket and checkout experience
  2. Never re-directing your customers to a 3rd party checkout
  3. Constantly placing your brand and value in all communications
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The only limit is creativity

Sales Revenue is not limited to tickets

When your customer is redirected to a 3rd party site to checkout, your brand and ability to up-sell vanishes. Building the right revenue stream starts on the first page and continues to checkout. Amazon never redirect customers why should you?

InHouseTicketing increases your revenue by doing the following:

  1. We optimize your assets to increase your average order amount.
  2. We showcase all your upgraded value around the ticket purchase
  3. We focus on education and add-ons even after the sale
  4. We implement a fully automated refer-a-friend program
  5. We manage your complete affiliate marketing program
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Easily develop your customer relationships

Customer-centric is easier than you think

No one likes ticket fees but customers expect to pay them. Countdown timers are only found on ticket brokers. Buyers know timers are a false sense of urgency for a general admission ticket with no seating.

Let’s appeal to your buyers and discuss the benefits of:

  1. Explore the pro’s and con’s of ticket fees and how to manage it best for you
  2. Focus on upgrades and add-ons by removing the false buying pressures
  3. Personalize all outbound communication to further promote your event

Positive Customer Experience

The easiest aspect of our service to understand is the ticket buying process we offer vs buying thru a 3rd party ticketer.
Buying can be as pleasant and as effortless as buying from Amazon. This is where you will get the most positive feedback from your customers.

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Your ticketing broker owns your customers

Stop giving brokers the control

Brokers can’t be aligned with your Brand

Why? Big ticket brokers are in the market of maximizing their profit on ticket revenue above your pre-negotiated prices. It’s impossible cater to your brand when they are selling tickets for your competition to your customers at the same time.

Top three negatives that dilute your brand and empower brokers:

  1. Buyers are forced to use a 3rd party checkout which breaks any up-selling.
  2. The broker is the merchant of record and owns that customer transaction
  3. Time pressure tactics with their brand reduce money spent with you
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Maximize all possible tools available

Unlock and leverage your data

Brokers don’t want you to leave their eco-system. Vendor lock-in is a big business – read about it here. Unlock your marketing teams potential and sell more tickets for better revenue.

Here are a few examples on how our integrations might help you:

  1. New Twitter follower can be instantly registered on your site
  2. A site registration is automatically added to your ActiveCampaign
  3. A ticket sale is instantly copied to your QuickBooks accounting software
  4. A merchandise order is sent to your fulfillment partner
  5. All customer orders sync with salesforce or zoho crm solutions
  6. New user registration is instantly added to your Click Funnels

We make it easy to connect with 200+ applications that you can use to increase your revenue.

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Sponsors will pay for ROI

Appeal to your sponsors expectations

Leverage email automation to improve EVERYTHING

Top services we provide that you can charge sponsors for:

  1. Full integration with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  2. Fully custom text messages sent based on rules
  3. Personalized emails for native advertising campaigns

We are a full service provider with profit making creativity that delivers value to your customers, your advertisers and your shareholders!

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