Own the entire ticket buying experience for your event

keep your customers AND your revenue with your own "In House Box Office"

if you sell over 30,000 tickets and use 3rd party ticketers, consider the advantages of being independent

wouldn't you rather...

Host the entire ticket buying process to control quality customer service all while optimizing conversions?

Enable merchandise purchases or ticket upgrades instead of imposing 3rd party ‘ticket fees’ at checkout?

Be the boss of your tickets and show your buyers you are the authority vs. sending them away to purchase?

two problems

  • You don’t own your buyer relationships buyers want to buy directly from YourBrand.com
  • Ticket fees reduce conversions and money spent at your event while diluting your brand.

our solution

  • A very user friendly ticket buying experience that puts you in control of everything!
  • It provides superior customer service, offers unlimited marketing potential and your buyers never leave your site!

Love your fans back!

Top Three Reasons you need your own event ticketing box office

#1 Higher Conversion Rates

Create and optimize an ‘unlimited‘ number of conversion pages that appeal to all buyer types

#2 Cutting Edge Tools

Turn your current customers, influencers, bloggers, resellers, tweets, likes etc. into your affiliate sales force.

#3 Much Higher Revenue

Control the ticket prices, sell merchandise and offer upgrades during checkout!

what our solution does

  • it will increase your revenue 20% in year one
  • sell all ticket types, individual seats, VIP experiences, merchandise, skyboxes, meet & greets, backstage, special appearances, parking passes and everything in-between.
  • provide you an array of data to improve your future events.
  • allow logins from social media platforms.
  • play nice with most technology services.
  • supercharges your ‘influencers’
  • stops ticket fraud.
  • sets you miles apart from your competition.
  • hosts a robust affiliate program.
  • takes payment (yours or ours)
  • issues tickets.
  • scans tickets at your entrances.
  • cares for your buyers.
  • handles 100K buyers on your site at once.
  • saves you money on access control.

our top 10 event ticketing features

InHouseTicketing will build your custom box office along-side your existing website. This requires zero technical resources from your staff. Here are its most compelling features:

By funneling every sale thru your box office – you set all pricing and capture all revenue.

You control the flash sales, coupons, VIP tickets – everything.

You also stop your brand from being abused or dilluted

You offer the affiliate program and manage it which has mega effects on your marketing ability.

Public comments affect all businesses today – protect your brand with great customer service.

Give buyers all the online shopping features they have come to expect. The buyer can now see their history, get support, re-order, upgrade, track orders and all the other features consumers expect when buying online. Make your customers comfortable and reliant on your branded website to ensure they come back for more.

Set your venue apart with your new, industry standard, customer service portal.

Nobody likes paying ticket fees, nobody. So advertise your entrance prices proudly and eliminate the dreaded ‘service fee’ at checkout.

Let them spend that money on merchandise that they can only get from you!

Because it’s your branded website and checkout, we advertise all your premium features in-sync with promoting your event. [we will help conceive new revenue streams with you] Converting a general admission buyer into an upgraded VIP ticket is exponentially higher with your new in-house checkout experience.

Offer a fully automatic marketing system to keep buyers intelligently engaged. Keep them up-to-date on the progress of your event. Encourage them to tell their friends. Offer them new features as they become available.

Create an unlimited marketing machine based on any rules we can think of that delivers value for your venue, your consumers and your sponsors

Incentivize the endless supply of affiliate marketers to sell tickets for you. They drive traffic to your box office with tracking links. When a sale is made they get paid. Offer different levels of affiliate payouts.

A key component for your corporate sponsors marketing efforts leading up to the event.

We will come up with creative ideas to help sell more and more tickets with your new marketing machine!

Your big brand sponsor partners want to run promotions leading up to the event. Host the promotions on your site with tracking metrics and even sell special access to their experiential activation’s.

Allow buyers to register on your site with their Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts. This removes a layer of resistance of creating yet another user/password and makes your brand friendly to social media members.

After the purchase an automated message can be sent to the buyer with a special incentive to refer a friend. The snowball effect of this can increase sales 2 to 7%

Lets face it – all these features when used exclusively from within your brand and by motivated professionals (not cookie cutter solutions) will lead to a massive positive upside for your brand and shareholders.

why a 3rd party ticketer can't be aligned with your brand

Ticket resellers are in the market of maximizing their profit on ticket revenue above your pre-negotiated prices. They cannot cater to your brand when they are selling tickets for your competition at the same time. If you have no tickets for them make money on, you are of no use to them except all the well qualified buyers you already gave them access to! (They should say thank you)

A credit to the ticket industry: Ticket resellers are very efficient at selling tickets. In House Ticketing offers a different service for venues that is fully customized only for the venue. This is a service that the massive ticket resellers can not offer.

Your brand and value are different than your competition. The purchasing process is the best place to promote and sell your value – why would you give any part of that responsibility to a 3rd party??

negative impacts of 3rd party ticket sellers

The classic recipe: allocate tickets to the top ticket resellers and get those tickets sold. The side effects of that might be known but do you know how much opportunity is missed in the shuffle?

  • Price Gouging – downright unfriendly service. Countdown timers, forcing text messages and fees.
  • Missed sales – it’s the ticketers business website, not yours, it can’t promote your entire product offering which is a major miss on sales. Imagine the percentage of buyers who want the t-shirt ASAP so they can wear it leading up to your event. Not to mention informing buyers of upgrades throughout the entire buying process.
  • Diluting your brand presence – by using a ticket reseller you are confirming to your buyer that you can’t or do not want to sell to them directly. This seemingly subtle action places the idea in the buyers mind that your site is the advertiser but the ticket reseller is the ticket authority thereby diluting your brand presence.
  • Inflated ticket pricing – The most common ticket markup is 10-40% of face value, however when conditions are right (and they always are), prices can easily swell into the +500% level. Typical fee reasons:
    • Ticket fees at checkout
    • Administrative fees at checkout
    • Convenience fees at checkout
    • Finance fees (when the buyer finances the ticket purchase)
    • Resale fee (if the buyer chooses to resell the ticket back)
    • Postage or delivery fees in some cases
  • A break in the sales process – Typically a buyer is on your event home page and then to buy, they are redirected to another URL to purchase. If the buyer doesn’t abandon the page and stays, at some point the buyer is offered a link to view other events or even your competition during or after a sale is made.
  • A free qualified lead – when a sale is made, you just gave that ticket seller a new buyer that they will market to and try to sell more tickets to in the future.
  • Unsolicited marketing – Once a sale is made, the buyer will almost always receive email or text marketing messages to buy more tickets from that ticketer. When the email or text arrives, the buyer thinks for a moment “why am I getting this?” and very quickly realize that buying a ticket to your venue thru the ticket seller must have given the ticket seller permission to spam them.
  • Negative impact – Not only do inflated ticket prices take money away from your venue, they have a very negative impact on the buyer and the buyer’s experience. The true number of would-be buyers that don’t complete checkout is always higher than you would expect.

eliminate these negatives

…keep the sale under your control at all times and deliver the best value to your buyers. A happy buyer has the highest probability of being a repeat buyer and the best word of mouth advertiser you can have…

ticket transfers

We can deploy a ticket change of ownership program. The original ticket buyer submits a change request, pays a transfer fee and the new ticket owner registers with your box office.

stop ticket fraud

When all sales go thru your box office (just like the coveted Burning Man) the ticket holder can be instantly checked against the ticket buyer.

Upgrade RFID

RFID can be replaced with Tap and Pay on cards and phones. All studies on RFID cashless benefits were done before Tap and Pay arrived..

profitable wristbands

The classic visual aid for access control is cost effective and very easy to identify. It also a profit center for sponsors.

the unmistakable lesson from Amazon.com

Being #1 in worldwide eCommerce, they never redirect you to another site to buy.
Amazon controls the entire online purchase from start to finish – you can too.

you have all the right ingredients for the direct sale model:

  • You have already built a great venue that many people have and will want to attend.
  • You showcase in-demand talent and have a great reputation in the eyes of consumers.
  • You might want to… improve revenue, the customer experience and be more attractive to your corporate sponsors with big marketing budgets.

Separate your venue from the competition by keeping way more of your ticket revenue and by giving your consumers a measurable opportunity to refer you more business.

relevant questions & answers

The short answer is because there is no up-front cost and tickets GET SOLD!

Ideally, yes. It is an electronic transaction. No physical storage and it never goes bad. Easy to inventory.

A few do but the venue is not a technology company and need assurance that their tickets will be sold professionally.

The venue starts by using ‘carve-outs’ within their ticketing contract and once successful, moves into production. Venues that want to buck the trend in an industry that is overdue for disruption have choices.

Our creativity and excitement for what we do is our most valuable asset. As technology matures it makes it easier for us to make consumers happy and scale your business revenue.

We offer a common sense percentage fee which does not impose any up front costs on your business. We offer a cost analysis to compare your current fees and revenue against ours. Fees are easily mitigated within the solution we deliver.

You’ll quickly see the value we bring in the first weeks of working together!

sound interesting?

Your time is valuable and we will not waste a minute of it with sales propaganda.

If you are reading up to this point there is a high probability that we could be a valuable service for you and that we would value your confidence in our ability to improve your already great business.

Let’s get started:

  1. A casual and short 15 min call clarifies most questions, then if permitted…
  2. Allowing us to prepare a personalized and relevant proposal will highlight what we can do for you.
  3. When our proposal is well received…,  we can then have a more in depth discovery call

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