The Complete Live Event Ticketing Solution

  1. Direct to consumer website selling your tickets and upgrades
  2. Barcode scanners for main entry access control
  3. Unlimited ticket types, VIP access and parking passes
  4. Live and post sale merchandise inclusion strategies
  5. Special setups for corporate sponsorship agreements
  6. New Ideas for increased revenue and customer value
  7. The overall focus on your brand and increased revenue.
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Two Scenarios to consider when choosing your next ticketing solution

Ticket buying from the customer perspective

Using a ticket broker or software provider

Scenario 1: Customer clicks buy ticket and is redirected to see a 35% ticket fee and countdown timer to buy.

Scenario 1: Focuses on the sale and the customer hates the ticket fee. There is no up-selling and if there was it would be a hard sell against the ticket fees.

Scenario 1: Sale is completed and future emails the customer receives include other event offers by the ticketer.

How does that sound?

Ticket buying from the customer perspective

Using our fully custom solution approach

Scenario 2: Customer clicks buy ticket and stays on the site with a friendly standard checkout.

Scenario 2: No ticket fees are highlighted and a t-shirt, parking pass and food pass are offered.

Scenario 2: Sale is completed, an offer to refer-a-friend is presented, a friendly email is sent with some education about the event. Future emails are also educating and suggesting upgrades that makes sense based on the buyers activity

How does that sound?

Customers spend more when you deal direct and eliminate the ticket fees

They spend even more with you when you enable them to with a user friendly experience and great value options

The are also twice as likely to refer-a-friend, twice as likely to make positive comments publicly and will return to their new account to see what else there is to buy!

Let's start the process

We build everything In House

Yes, everything. We are composed of experienced e-commerce professionals, web designers, graphic designers, database engineers, project managers, customer service professionals, creative directors, financial analysts, music lovers and sales professionals. Everything you see and use is made by us – In House.

We love our clients

Changing ticketing solutions is not a decision that is made overnight. We generate excitement and expectations from clients with all the functionality we offer in comparison to what they were used to. The result is a true partner vs just a service provider.

We love Innovation

Every industry relies on innovation to have a competitive edge. Web applications are constantly evolving and consumers are interactive with these technologies more and more everyday. We connect with over 200+ applications which allow us to improve the customer experience and give our clients more control over their brand before the event takes place.

We love solving problems

Aside from the main problems with solve in the ticketing industry, each client presents us with unique challenges in their current business model. The challenges are sometimes clear but mostly discovered along the way. Because our solution is 100% customizable to the brand, we can solve almost any problem with a logical solution that often becomes an asset.

We love being better

Yes, that could be a big claim to make. Better than what? Better than your competition because you are offering a visibly superior ticket buying experience to your customers. (request a demo) We love being better than a ticketing solution that offers the same default solution so all its clients.