Be the center of your ticket sales

If you send your customers away to a 3rd party place to buy their ticket to your event – you remove yourself from the buying process, loosing between 20% and 30% of added sales.

We constantly tailor your service to maximize your sales, your conversions, your customer service and your buyer interaction.

Give your customers every reason to keep coming back to your site. Interaction creates activity and activity leads to sales and sales lead to more sales.

Sell your tickets directly to buyers

The best businesses sell directly. Examples: Amazon, Apple, Google etc and almost every startup for the last 10 years is selling directly. We optimize your brand and product while providing a direct to consumer sales model.

Tune your branded checkout

Imagine customers inside your branded checkout, you can offer them a friendly distraction free experience with flowing information gathering and up-sells that make sense based on their choices.

PRE sell your merchandise

Integrate merchandise sales into ticketing and ALL marketing before the event. This is done by a compelling reason (discounts) on exclusive pre event merch. Because you control the buying process and checkout – buyers are 100% more willing to buy a 2nd time from you before the event.

Employ Clever Email Automation

Email marketing has the highest return over all forms of electronic marketing. It is why Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc make it almost impossible to get your message to the buyers inbox. We can design a trigger based communication campaign with relevant and personalized emails that get into your buyers inbox

Market to your visitors like a PRO

We use clever lead capture forms that initiate email conversations, gamify lead capturing, presenting quizzes or surveys and offering live chat. Plus a hundred different ways to interact – improves your revenue and customer service.

Upgrade your Tickets post-sale

Not every buyer sees the value or need for an upgraded ticket but unless you promote and offer an upgrade they can’t buy it. We make upgrades seamless and we inform buyers in a clever way.

Hold and Manage your own CASH

We don’t control your money. Use your own merchant without restrictions. No more allowing 3rd parties to hold your revenue until some arbitrary date. You have bills to pay and ticket revenue coming in. Find a merchant that fits your business model and process payments thru them.

Get your Emails Delivered

3rd Party email providers have to ‘pay to play’ that means high costs to get your emails delivered. There is no guarantee that your emails will get to the inbox but by using your own server, software, compiling with all email rules and using your OWN DOMAIN to send email with a personalized email ( that gmail etc are reading) you have the HIGHEST PROBABILITY to arriving in the clients email INBOX.

Capture More Leads

By running your own checkout, more people will stay on your site. With more opportunities to entice them to opt in to your email feeds, surveys and chances to win for free. Clever forms and tracking allows you to be more attractive.

Track and Manage Buyers

We make it easy to track all users activity and interests on your site. This allows relevant communication and conversion to happen. This is all scalable regardless of how many users you accumulate.

Sponsors pay for DATA

Your branded and very smart ticketing system is busy collecting data and organizing it constantly. When your sales team needs specific information on how to appeal to a sponsor – now you have it. You might be surprised with the information!

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