Sponsorship Deck Creation

Full technical/creative staff producing deal closing decks

Your sales person or sponsorship broker is ultimately who close the best deal for you. They all use some version of a proposal deck. In our industry we see marketing material in the form of very basic word documents, to mega large file size PDF’s and more often a text filled page hidden on a website. No thanks!

The sponsor you are targeting has marketing goals – your proposal deck needs to appeal to as many of them as possible and remove everything else! We can build a deck for you! We’ve built many thru the years and have a large resource of ideas that worked in the past.

Decks usually have one of these three problems:

  1. The are designed for ART and beauty – not the message.
  2. They are FULL of ugly text that will not be read.
  3. They contain irrelevant information for the target sponsor.

Our approach:

  1. We first understand what you have to offer and explore hidden possibilities.
  2. We then try to best understand the sponsors motivation
  3. We then get to work to create a deck that will close that deal.

The Target Result

One creative and highly-customized offer with a strong statement demonstrating you’ve thought about what they need and have put some serious effort into crafting a custom offer that meets or exceeds thier needs.

Sponsor Deck for Windy City Smokeout 2020

Each sponsor specific proposal uses this base deck as the template